Respoguide team, aiming for the highlight of the viability for each business, created a way of evaluation that meets the needs of modern market and the promotion of green growth, Resporating. It is the key to evaluating the viability of a business. An evaluation method based on internationally recognized certifications and defined standards related to sustainability, emphasizing the goals of the Tourism 2030 Agenda as defined by the World Tourism Organization.

The contents of the criteria contain a wide range of practices, activities and policies that a company can implement. These applications are varied and vary depending on the type of business, as it can be a hotel, restaurant or a retail store. Some of these applications for the company are the management of its organic and material waste, energy saving and the promotion of its local commercial structures.

Waste Handling

  • Recycling - Composting
  • Waste Management
  • Safe Disposal

Water Management

  • Water Saving practices and technologies
  • Guidances for Water Saving

Energy Efficiency

  • Renewable Energy
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Energy efficient devices/infrastracture


  • Food and Drinks of High Nutritional Value
  • Organic and Bio food/ingredients


  • Reuse of materials
  • Selection of durable and Eco-friendly materials
  • Packaging management

Fair & Local Products

  • Supply of Fair-Trade products
  • Cooperation with small local suppliers

Wellness & Well-Being

  • Wellness services
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Health & Safety

  • Compliance with COVID-19 legislation protocols
  • Sanitation standards
  • Emergency plans


  • Support of the local community and sensitive social groups
  • CSR policy


  • Company Innovation
  • Certifications
  • Labels
  • Management systems

The evaluation of each company has 2 types, the evaluation by the users (User Rating) and the evaluation by the Respoguide team. Thus, depending on the weighting of the criteria and conditions according to the degree of fulfillment as formulated by a relevant study of the scientific team of Respoguide and the evaluation of users, the evaluation "RespoRating" is calculated for each company.